From the Mouths of Babes

I’m sure every parent of a talking child has had embarrassing moments where you felt the Earth should just swallow you whole! They come up with stories at other times that just make you stand in awe at the sponges that they have for brains.

Here are some of my favourite moments with my kids. I hope you enjoy them and can even let out a chuckle!

  • My daughter was 2 when I started teaching her that everything that is covered by her swimming costume is private and nobody may touch her there except Mommy, Daddy, Granny and Albertina, the nanny when they were little, all of which at times changed her diaper. After nodding in agreement I decided to test how much she understood. I asked her: “Who may touch you in places that your costume covers?” Her answer: “Oh anybody that wants to!” The lesson was abandoned for the day but taken up very soon thereafter and was repeated several times.
  • At around 3 years of age I asked my daughter once to wash her hair while she was in the bath. My precise words were: “Won’t you please wash your hair?” Her response: “No!” I said to her: “This is not a debate, wash your hair!” Little madam tells me: ”Why do you ask then if I’m not allowed to say no?!” Try replying to that one…
  • My husband turned 40 and we had planned a party for him. On the Saturday we went grocery shopping and also to the bottle store to buy wine for the function. While shopping, my kids kept nagging for sweets, toys and pretty much everything they could lay their hands on. I kept telling them we don’t have money to waste. On Monday I forgot to hand in my son’s form and money for a fund raiser. When the teacher asked him for his form and money, his response was: “We really don’t have enough money. My parents spent it at the bottle store!”
  • On one occasion we decided to go out for dinner on a Friday evening. On our way out of the family restaurant, I spotted my female doctor and started talking to her with my son on my hip. She kept her hair very short and wore comfy clothes. She’s a very practical person. When we turned to leave my son said loudly: “Why does that man speak like a lady?”
  • We were at the South Coast one year on holiday in my brother’s house. My son came running in. The excitement in his eyes would have you believe it was Christmas morning. He quickly informed us: “Uncle Tom is Batman! I found his shoes in the garage!!!” After inspecting the shoes, I have to admit he had a point! The black gardening shoes were however not his Uncle Tom’s but indeed his aunt’s!
  • We went out three Decembers ago to buy gifts for myself and Daddy for Christmas. We divided, girls together and boys together and went off shopping. On our way home we stopped at the butcher. My husband and daughter got out and I stayed behind with my son in the car. He quickly said in a loud voice: “You won’t guess what we got you!” After telling him I don’t want to know, he yelped out: “A red handbag!” At home he asked me what I got Daddy. He was very offended that I wouldn’t tell him as he wouldn’t ever dream of telling anyone!
  • There was also a time that my son came home telling me that his teacher says he is very sensitive. For a moment I wondered how she could get it so wrong because he doesn’t have a care in the world. After asking him why she would say something like that, he said: “because I can build such beautiful things from dough!” OK!! Sensitive, creative…….same thing!
  • Then one day my husband was going out to get take-aways for dinner. My daughter went along and my son said he’ll stay at home with me to give me love. He said: ”You know mommy, love is more important than food!”
  • Kids really remove all vanity! My daughter told me a month or so ago: “Mommy you look like my sister from behind! But from the front, one can see you’re an auntie!”
  • My son told us one afternoon: “Did you know that we all have a Piepel!” “O yes??” I said worriedly “and where is that?” “It’s in your eye!” he said proudly. It was quite a relief to find it’s a pupil!
  • My daughter decided recently that she needed to teach her mommy about what is proper and what isn’t. I was driving home from their school when my phone rang for the umpteenth time that day, 4 of which times was my mom. It was her again and I gave a great big sigh before answering. After I ended the call my daughter told me: ”You shouldn’t be nasty to Gran, she’s your mother.” I replied: “But I’m your mother and you’re not always nice to me!” Her response: “Yes but you are grown-up and you understand the difference between right and wrong!”

If you, like every other mom, have a story that you couldn’t wait to share with the colleagues at work about your kids, only to find that they don’t necessarily think it’s as cute, come and share it with us! We’d love to swop stories!


Careful what you say in front of your kids!






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