Growing up too Quickly

I always hated it when my parents said: “I’m going to put a brick on your head to stop you from growing up too quickly!” My road to adulthood was already so slow, why would they want me to stay small!

I now understand it fully! My daughter started grade 4 this year and my son grade 2. She has started rotating classes and writing proper exams! Gulp!!

Gone are the little toddlers who battled to walk, pronounce words properly, loved their parents with their whole hearts or didn’t get embarrassed by them!

My kids are at the age where nobody, but their parents… times……. finds them cute. It’s just awkward when they pretend to be babies or speak in a pretend voice.

If there’s trouble around, they are blamed……because they now know better! The attention that they were used to getting from other family members or our friends has been diverted to newer arrivals. The spontaneous gift giving subsides and all those adults loving them unconditionally disappears.

So what now? If you think it’s difficult for you to cope with the changes in their appearances and personalities, can you imagine what they are going through?

As parents, ensure that your kids know that you love them as much as you did in the past when they were adorable chubby-cheeked angels! They may be string-beans with a short fuse now but they’re still the same little munchkin inside!

Spend some special time with each child separately where nothing interferes. Focus on them when they speak to you. I often listen with only half an ear and they notice! It was an eye opener for me, when my son told me that my screen time needs to be limited to an hour a day. How my own words came to haunt me?

Stand up for your young ones when people are less loving to them. Praise them for things they do well and be the example to others of how your children deserve to be treated.

Lastly, something that hit home is, not only are they growing up, but it means I’m growing OLD!!! But that’s a story for another time when we can chat about our own insecurities.


Happy nurturing!





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