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  • CAMAF 2018 Flu [Video]1:27

    CAMAF 2018 Flu [Video]

    Build yourself an army of soldiers

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  • 2018 CAMAF/SAICA Amazing Race (Durban) [Video]3:34

    2018 CAMAF/SAICA Amazing Race (Durban) [Video]

    And here is the result of a successful, AMAZING event! The 2018 Saica (Eastern Region) Amazing Race - Proudly sponsored by Camaf. If you missed out on the fun, be sure to be on the look out for the ne

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  • Vital Option 2018 [Video]1:04

    Vital Option 2018 [Video]

    Excellent preventative, chronic and hospital benefits. This income-based option is aimed at younger healthy members who want to ensure that they are covered for catastrophes, post-hospitalisation cost

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  • Network Choice Option 2018 [Video]0:47

    Network Choice Option 2018 [Video]

    Aimed at entry-level employees who do not mind using the network of doctors and hospitals. - Netcare hospitals only - Up to 100% CBT of the CAMAF Base Tariff for attending doctors and specialists cons

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  • First Choice Option 2018 [Video]0:41

    First Choice Option 2018 [Video]

    Entry-level benefit option that provides limited hospital cover. - Up to 100% CBT of the CAMAF Base Tariff for attending doctors and specialists consultations while in hospital. - Up to R35 100 for a

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  • Essential Plus Options 2018 [Video]0:58

    Essential Plus Options 2018 [Video]

    Superior hospital cover with a medical savings account to allow for a modest level of day-to-day benefits. Designed for the younger cost conscious members. - Any private hospital - Unlimited X-rays an

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  • Double Plus Option 2018 [Video]1:50

    Double Plus Option 2018 [Video]

    Live without worries… Are you disciplined enough to put money aside every month to cover your day-to-day expenses? Medical expenses occur unexpectedly. Without a day-to-day benefit or savings account

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  • Alliance Option 2018 [Video]1:46

    Alliance Option 2018 [Video]

    You deserve the best medical care…. Life is uncertain. You can never know when you or a member of your family will need major medical care due to an unexpected accident or unforeseen medical event. Mo

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  • CAMAF - In a class of its own0:41

    CAMAF - In a class of its own

    CAMAF - In a class of its own

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  • Flu prevention  HD1:16

    Flu prevention HD

    Watch this 1min video on basic but effective ways to combat Colds & Flu this winter #camafsa #healthyliving

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