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2 JOINING CAMAF How to become a member? • If you are currently a member of a medical aid scheme, you first need to resign from your medical scheme. If you want to register as an individual member, please ensure that you meet our individual membership criteria (available on our website) before resigning from your current medical aid. • Most medical schemes require that you give a month's notice when resigning. It is therefore, imperative that you notify your scheme as soon as you become an employee of the firm. • PlEAsE NOtE: It is illegal to belong to two medical schemes at the same time. CAMAF will therefore not be able to admit you as a member unless we have documentation to prove that you are no longer a member of another medical scheme. When will my membership commence? The inception date is always the 1st of the month. Most medical schemes only resign members at the end of a calendar month. We therefore always register a new member from the first day of the month in which they applied for membership – even if your application is processed after this date. PlEAsE NOtE: This is inclusive of the new-born registrations, regardless of their birth date. What documents are required from my previous medical scheme? • We require a certificate of membership from your previous medical scheme. This applies to both the principal member and any dependants that you intend to register. • We also require certificates of membership from all your previous medical schemes that you and your dependants have belonged to in the past two years. • Membership certificate should include the date that you or your dependant was admitted to the scheme and the date on which your membership was terminated. • The certificate is used to verify your resignation from your previous medical scheme. • If you and your dependants were on different medical schemes, we require a certificate of membership from each medical scheme – for the principal member and for each of your dependants. If we do not receive these certificates, we will be entitled to impose waiting periods (suspension of benefits). Joining through employer WHat docuMEntS oR InfoRMatIon IS REquIREd to PRocESS My aPPlIcatIon? online application • Log onto the CAMAF website • Go to Apply – Online application • Obtain your group name and region number from your HR • You will need to have the following documents available: 1. Copy of ID's/Birth certificates 2. Marriage certificate, if applicable 3. Proof of income, if applicable 4. Certificate of membership with end date the information on this Member Guide is designed to be a simple introduction to most frequently asked questions. for a more comprehensive information, a Glossary of terms as well as the registered rules are available on our website:

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