Diary of a Working Mom (Introduction)

“OK”, you’d say, “what makes you so special that you’re an expert on the topic of child rearing?” “You don’t know my circumstances!”

Did you see the movie, I don’t know how she does it, with Sarah Jessica Parker in the lead? I did and was hushed by my child-less friend every time I got excited and said: “that is so me!!” I realised at that point that parents, but especially working moms, share a great deal of experiences and emotions that are just not talked about, mostly due to insecurities and not wanting to be seen as inadequate parents.

I’m probably going through 90% of the emotions you are currently experiencing because if you are reading this blog, you are probably also a working mother, or planning on being one.

“I never worry about them during the day and nobody judges me for that! I have no feelings of guilt that others will hear their first words or nurture them when I cannot.”…..Said no working mom ever!

I am a 40-year old Chartered Accountant who is trying to balance my ambition to excel in the workplace with being the best mom possible. Some days I’ll settle for just not causing my kids irreparable damage.

Well I have two lovely, normal kids aged 6 and 8.

My eight year old daughter is a real drama queen and an absolute perfectionist. People say that she’s my mini-me. Never!!! OK, maybe it’s true.

My six-year old son, is a laid back clown. It takes an explosive going off next to him to get him to do anything. TV is his best friend. Yes I know, it shouldn’t be, but he sneaks into the living room when we are busy and when we are looking for him he is stuck in front of the screen.

I’ve battled, and still do, stages of kids not listening, eating, wanting to bath, wanting to do homework or acknowledge me as an authority in the home. I’ve survived emotions of self-loathing for disciplining my kids. I’ve disagreed with my husband on parenting methods. I’ve been the batsman, bowler and fieldworker, all in one innings. I’ve played Barbie in an American accent and thrown away pictures of unrecognisable creatures filling up the space on my fridge and every other inconceivable spot in the house.

I have however also experienced the unconditional love of a kiss when I’m crying, a card when there is absolutely no occasion at all, the unsolicited: “Mommy, I like you!” and the excitement of barely being able to keep the secret of what they got you for your birthday.

Does all of this qualify me to write a blog? Well seeing as there is no criteria disqualifying me, the answer is a resounding YES!!!

To ensure that nobody sues me, my employer or CAMAF, it’s necessary to note that the opinions aired in this blog are purely from my own experiences and they do not form the opinions or advice of CAMAF or any other party linked to the Scheme.

I’ve chosen to remain anonymous. Not because I’m ashamed of what I will be writing about but to protect my little rays of sunshine from being identified and suffering embarrassment at the hand of their loving mother.

Looking forward to this journey with all the other working moms out there! If you have any feedback or topics that you would like to discuss in this blog, post it on CAMAF’s Facebook page :)






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