Auditors in Common

Criteria for completion of your training contract?

Check the list below to see if you have successfully completed your training contract. If not, at least you now know what is expected of you in the years that lie ahead.

  • You’ve mastered the art of making copies;
  • You’ve mastered the art of making coffee;
  • You know how to complete a time sheet;
  • You know how to complete a travel claim;
  • You have a charge-out rate, which you have multiplied by the number of working hours in a month to see how much money the company makes from you and what % you get;
  • You’ve had an out of town audit, which has led to some interesting stories to tell;
  • You’ve been initiated into your team in some strange manner;
  • You have a new car;
  • You have a zebra credit card;
  • The client doesn’t like you, but you may not know it;
  • You’ve been welcomed at the client with: “Argh, the auditors are here!”
  • You’ve studied for exams whilst working long hours;
  • You’ve compared your salary increases to others in your unit, outside of your unit in the company and others outside of your company;
  • You know the meanings of the acronyms AFS, IFRS, AC, ISAE, TB, GL and JNL;
  • You know that the word cast doesn’t have anything to do with fishing, same goes for cross-cast;
  • You know the definition of an asset and liability;
  • You’ve tried to justify overruns;
  • Idle (Pty) Ltd appears on your time sheet at times;
  • There’s that one partner or manager that your fear;
  • You’ve done a box audit, where the client was quick to remind you that they pay your salary;
  • You’ve been on plenty of stock takes, sometimes on a Saturday, and they’ve often been a memorable experience in your young career;
  • You’ve had to scurry around to get ratings for every job you’ve been on, and you’ve fought the rating of at least one;
  • Review notes are your enemy;
  • The highlight of your audit is the audit lunch;
  • The low point of your audit is being the debt collector of the fees, and lastly;
  • You know how to socialize without breaking your code of ethics!

If you’ve answered yes to most of the items above, you have completed your training period and you are ready to have your contract signed off.

Until next time! Happy ticking!




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