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Page 1 of 1 The aim of the programme is to provide members with an in-depth education on their condition and medication as well as to provide a support structure should they require assistance. In addition to this, the case manager will monitor the patient's health and, where necessary, make recommendations to them and their doctor. Cardiovascular disease is the second highest cause of mortality in South Africa. Statistics show that in a single day 30 South Africans die from heart attacks and 60 from strokes. Most of these occur in people younger than 65 years of age. The major causes of heart disease and strokes are lifestyle related - high levels of long term stress, lack of exercise, smoking, obesity and poor eating habits. These are all reversible and manageable risk factors. PROGRAMME BENEFITS • Improve/extend life expectancy and quality of life • Prevent Strokes and Coronary Artery Disease (heart attacks) • Reduce the severity of Strokes and Coronary Artery Disease • Increase productivity and decrease absenteeism • Improve health outcomes thus decreasing long term complications of the disease • Empowers members to do home monitoring The Case Manager will contact you to discuss the following: • Explain the nature of your condition • Provide you with information on the different classes of medication and their purpose in treatment • Advice on preventative measures • Discuss the importance of compliance with medication instructions • Assist you to recognise worsening symptoms • Guide you with a written self - management plan WhAt you ARE REquIRED to Do… • Register on the programme • Submit supporting clinical information such as Blood Pressure readings or a Lipogram • Arrange a follow up consultation with the relevant specialist, should there be a clinical need Click here to view a list of BP monitors that CAMAF will reimburse. MEMBER GuIDES – unDER DISEASE MAnAGEMEnt PRoGRAMMES hypertension and hyperlipidemia – members who have one or both conditions should register on this programme by contacting 0861 700 600 option 3. JoInInG IS AS SIMPLE AS… Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia Programme: 0861 700 600 Option 3 OR Email us at HypeRTensIOn & HypeRlIpIdeMIa pROgRaMMe

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