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6 CONTINUATION MEMBERS When does a member qualify to be a continuation member? • On retirement age (60+) • When you are medically boarded due to permanent or temporal disability • When the main member is deceased • On retrenchment, cover will be for a period of three months following retrenchment. What supporting documents are required to become a continuation member? • Continuation form must be completed. • A letter from your Human Resources department or administrator confirming retirement. • The debit order mandate form must be completed and submitted with proof of banking details , if different from credit details. • In the case of retrenchment a letter from your Human Resources department confirming your retrenchment, and the effective date. • For a deceased member, death certificate of the deceased and proof of banking details for the new member. MEMBERSHIP AFTER RESIGNATION What if I resign and still want to be a member of CAMAF? tHE folloWInG cRItERIa MuSt BE MEt: • The principal member must be either a Chartered Accountant (SA) or must be a professional practising in accordance with their degree and belong to a professional association. (A list of professional associations can be found on CAMAF website.) • If you resign and join a firm that is engaged in public practice, you will not be eligible to join as an individual member. Your entire firm must join the Scheme and have an LOU with CAMAF. Public practice refers to firms that provide accounting, auditing, taxation and other services for other companies and individuals. • If you want to apply, please contact our Customer Service Department on 0860 100 545 for the relevant documents and information. OTHER FORMS THAT MAY NEED TO BE COMPlEtED Statement of Domestic Partnership This form is to be completed by those members who want to register their partner to whom they are not married to. The form must be completed together with the Membership Amendment form. Motivation form for applying for special dependants • This form must be completed and signed by the principal member who is applying to bring on the following dependants: parents (only of the principal member), siblings and children above the age of 21. Legal dependency or proof of financial dependency must be submitted in the case of siblings. • Please bear in mind that applications regarding the above dependants are not automatically approved. A primary requirement is that the dependant/s in question is/are not entitled to membership of another scheme and they are financially dependent on the main member.

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